Synthetic Winch Rope - Camper Trailer Hire - Adventure Support Vehicle

When you head off on your next adventure to the less visited areas of Australia, Eon4wd would like to help.
From replacement winch rope and custom extension ropes, maps for OziEplorer, hire of a camper trailer with all the extras or a support vehicle to help you through the tough spots, Eon4wd has you covered. Free advice and information on all our products and hires.

Please note that due to Mr. Corona and Mrs. Covid, all hires and adventures are on hold until Government regulations allow.

Planning for your next bucket list adventure is still allowed, so why not use this time to lock in the details of your destinations and those 'must do' sidetracks along the way.

Synthetic dyneema winch rope for warn and runva winches

4th edition out now
Eon4wd Maps has evolved out of a personal project that other users of OziExplorer may find useful. They don't replace my Hema maps, (now hard to get for OziExplorer), but I find them useful and you may too. If you need a free OziExplorer map of Australia then See page

4wd 4x4 winch rope

Eon4wd has been modifying and customising 4wds since 2005. Our love of the outdoors, four wheel driving and camping keeps us in touch with what our customers need. The best part about this business is that we get to test all the products that we sell. That way we know that you are getting great quality and that the products really will perform how you would expect them to.

We would love to help you with your next purchase of winch rope. Setting up your fourby with the right recovery equipment means you can venture onto the less travelled paths and still get home. Whilst doing the Barkley River Jeep Track in the Victoria High Country, one of the convoy broke a rear axle. (Yes, a Range Rover) It is much easier carrying the Dyneema synthetic winch rope, up that track, than trying to struggle with a tangled, uncooperative wire cable.